Scanning services (SDDE)

SDDE (System of Electronic Documents’ Distribution) allows the users of valid library account to get scans of printed documents which are included in the library holdings.

To use this service, please REGISTER.

LOG IN and fill in the order form. We will provide you with a link to the scanned items which will be available to access for 14 days.

Scanning services of up to 15 journal articles in a month are free of charge if orders are sent from an email address at the domain or In other cases, these services are paid.

The cost of scanning of an article of up to 10 pages is PLN 3 + 23% VAT (PLN 3.69) and each subsequent page costs PLN 0.30 + 23% VAT (PLN 0.37).

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us:

phone: +48 12 657 14 66

e-mail: or


Self-service scanning and photocopying

We provide self-service scanning (free of charge) and photocopying (paid) of library items.

The reading room multifunctional device can be used only for scanning or photocopying library materials.


Rules of copying

It is not allowed to copy either unpublished materials or special collection items (Medical Library Rules and Regulations, Annex 1, §24). Items that are not for loan, may not be taken out of the Library to be copied. The Library’s photocopying services are offered in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and derivative rights (Dz.U. 2018 item 1191, as amended), which mentions about:


Permissible Use of Protected Works

Article 23.

  1. It shall be permitted to use free of charge the work, which has been already disseminated for purposes of private use without the permission of the author.(…)
  2. The scope of the private use shall cover the use of single copies of the work by a group of persons staying in a personal interrelation with each other, including in particular blood relation, kinship or a social relationship.

Article 34.

Works may be used within the scope of the permitted use, provided, that the full name of the author of the work and the source is identified. The identification of the author of the work and the source should take into account the existing possibilities of retrieving such information. The author shall have no right to receive remuneration unless the Act provides otherwise.

Article 35.

The permitted use must not infringe the normal use of the work or violate the rightful interests of the author.