Admission – Other Users

Admission & Account Renewal are carried out at the Circulation Desk and online through the electronic forms system:

Employee of the University Hospital

Employee of another university or scientific institution in Krakow

Employee of another institution of the health sector in Malopolska Region

Note: Users other than specified above, need to register in person at the Circulation Desk.

Library accounts are not activated automatically. After data verification, the User will receive detailed instructions by e-mail.


  • Submission of any registration or activation form is equivalent with accepting the Medical Library Rule.
  • Account activation allows you to remotely order books. The reader receives the library card during the first visit to the Library after presenting the identity card.
  • Library card holders who are both members of the University Hospital Staff and work for JU MC under a civil law contract, are authorised to use the Medical Library licensed e-resources by a proxy server (HAN, Hidden Automatic Navigator).
  • Staff of other universities, research institutes or healthcare centres should present a work certificate and identity document before borrowing any books.
  • You have to renew your library account annually (PLN 5).
  • If not renewed within five years, the record will be deleted from the database unless there are unresolved blocks on the account. After this period, if you wish to access our collection, you will have to apply again for admission to the JU MC Medical Library.
  • Medical Library card is valid in the Jagiellonian Library and other JU branch libraries.



  • library card with activation, annually PLN 10,
  • renewal for the next year PLN 5,
  • replacement card PLN 15.