Borrowing limits

Borrowing limits for different types of readers:

  • 10 items – JU MC undergraduate students,
  • 7 items – other JU undergraduate students,
  • 4 items – undergraduate students of other universities in Cracow,
  • 40 items – JU MC PhD students,
  • 40 items – JU MC staff,
  • 20 items – other JU PhD students,
  • 5 items – JU non-academic staff,
  • 4 items – PhD students and academic staff of of other universities and research institutes in Cracow,
  • 3 items – other healthcare professionals from the Małopolska voivodeship.

These limits may be increased for readers who borrow books also from the Jagiellonian Library or other JU MC libraries. These libraries may adopt their own rules to which readers must adhere.

Loan periods depend on the status of the borrower and of the item being borrowed.