Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral dissertations defended at the Jagiellonian University Medical College can be searched in our online catalogue by author, title, dissertation supervisor, narrow topics (MeSH Headings) and subject areas.

Searching the online catalogue for doctoral dissertations by biomedical subject areas:

  1. Select ADVANCED SEARCH from the catalogue menu.
  2. Select ANY FIELD from the drop-down list.
  3. Select and type or paste a heading in the dialog box from the attached List of biomedical disciplines.
  4. Type: doktorska (doctoral) in the next dialog box.
  5. Click: SEARCH.

You can build up a search strategy by combining two disciplines, e.g. you select ‘endocrinology’ AND ‘paediatrics’ to find dissertations on paediatric endocrinology.

Full-text versions of the doctoral theses defended at the Faculties of: Medicine, Pharmacy, or Health Sciences after 2004 can be accessed via the Digital Medical Library (on condition that the author agrees) or on the spot.

Before the final oral defence doctoral dissertations are available to the academic community in the Medical Library Books & Journals Reading Room.

Please note that copying of doctoral dissertations, either in part or their entirety, is forbidden (Medical Library Rule, § 24).