Admission – Staff and Faculty of the Jagiellonian University Medical College

Please visit the Library or use the online form to apply for admission to the Medical Library. Anyone who signed up for a library card and its activation, may access the JU MC Medical Library collection.

Form for Registration and Library Account Activation for JU MC Faculty Members

Form for Registration and Library Account Activation for JU MC Technical and Administrative Staff

  • Submission of any registration or activation form is equivalent with accepting the Medical Library Rule.
  • Your library account is not activated automatically; after data verification, you will receive detailed instructions containing your library card number and a temporary password by e-mail.
  • You will be given your library card when you visit the Library in person.
  • Once you have activated your account, you will be able to access online the Medical Library licensed resources using a proxy server (HAN, Hidden Automatic Navigator).
  • You do not have to renew your account until you are employed by JU MC or when you retire.
  • Library card issued by either Jagiellonian or Medical Library is valid in both libraries and their branches, where separate regulations are in force.
  • Library account activation is free of charge. A replacement card costs PLN 15.


Please note that all items purchased or ordered by the JU MC staff members (financed not from the Medical Library funds) are lent to them under so called long-term loans as soon as they are catalogued.

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