New Rules for Borrowing Books

We are pleased to inform you that we have just launched a remote book ordering service via our online catalogue. You can order books from the closed stacks (location: Magazyn). After logging in, select the items you need and point out the place where the items will be picked. You can either read in the library (select the Reading Room) or take them home (select Circulation Desk or the book locker). You should collect the ordered books not later than after five days after receiving an email of confirmation.
We offer access to the shelves in the Reading Room and the Lending Department, which means that you can choose the books you need. These books cannot be ordered via the online catalogue, you should come to the library and take books from the shelves on your own or ask a librarian to help you.
Library users can reserve books currently borrowed by other readers. As soon as a reserved book is returned, the item is given to the next person from the queue.