Admissions – Students (Undergraduate, Graduate, Non-Degree Post Diploma)

Note: users who wish to obtain a Reader’s Card, are kindly requested to appear in the Library in person.

Please visit the Library or use one of the online forms to apply for admission to the Medical Library. Anyone who signed up for a library card and its activation, may access the JU MC Medical Library collection. All users are expected to adhere to the Medical Library Rule.

  • Choose the relevant application form (second-year and senior students of the Jagiellonian University and other state universities in Cracow):

Library Account Activation Form for JU MC Students

Form for Registration and Library Account Activation for Students of Other State Universities in Cracow

Form for Registration and Library Account Activation for Non-Degree Post Diploma Students 

  • Students of private universities need to register in person. They can borrow items only on payment of a returnable deposit.
  • Your library account is not activated automatically; after data verification, you will receive detailed instructions by e-mail.
  • Once you have activated your account, you will be able to login and order books online to be waiting for you. If you are not a student ID card holder, you will be given your library card when you visit the Library in person.
  • You should renew your library card annually.
  • Submission of any registration or activation form is equivalent with accepting the Medical Library Rule.
  • If not renewed within five years, the record will be deleted from the database unless there are unresolved blocks on the account. After this period, if you wish to access our collection, you will have to apply again for admission to the JU MC Medical Library.


Admission requirements for the Medical Library:

Jagiellonian University students:

  • registration for the current academic year,
  • student ID card.

Students of other state universities in Cracow:

  • student ID card and an identity document (national identity card or passport)

Access to the Medical Library is open to the holders of student ID cards or library cards.

Library account activation is free of charge for Jagiellonian University students.


Students of other universities are charged as follows (cash only):

–  library card with activation, annually PLN 10

–  renewal for the next year PLN 5

–  replacement card PLN 15


Medical Library card is valid in the Jagiellonian Library and the branch libraries, where separate regulations are in force.

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